The importance of women's participation in Mexico's electromechanical industry

In Mexico and elsewhere in the world, the participation of women in the electromechanical industry is based on several fundamental aspects: diversity of perspectives, talent and ability, gender equity, economic and social development, visibility, etc.

The participation of women in the electromechanical industry is not only important for reasons of equity and social justice, but also for the tangible benefits it brings in terms of innovation, competitiveness and socioeconomic development.


According to El Economista, women only represent around 22% of the global energy sector workforce according to data from a study conducted by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) in 2022.

In an article for Global Energy, Dr. Pilar Rodríguez Ibáñez talks about how one of the most important challenges facing the Mexican energy sector is to achieve greater participation of women on equal terms, especially in a sector that continues to be predominantly male.

It states that 95% of women working in the energy sector in Mexico are employed in Pemex and CFE. The same text on a study refers that there is a general appreciation that women are hired preferably for administrative and secretarial positions in the sector, rather than in technical positions.

There are many challenges and employment barriers for women in any sector. The importance of giving visibility and job opportunities to women in the electricity sector in Mexico is multifaceted and crucial for the sustainable and equitable development of the country.

At Grupo Grose we value the importance of women in the company, we are committed to their growth and personal success. We practice an inclusive culture where we promote the value of diversity and inclusion through our gender equality policies.

We are committed to this culture and seek to provide mentoring and development programs that connect the company's employees.

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